Watch John Oliver Destroy Food “Science” Studies

(Image credit: Last Week Tonight, HBO)

The more food science studies I read, the more the adage “everything in moderation” holds true for me. Depending where you look, any amount of any food, wine, or coffee you can think of is the key to both causing and curing all forms of cancer. It’s all more than a little ridiculous, which is why I loved watching John Oliver rip so many viral food “science” studies to shreds.

News outlets are always looking for the next buzzy study, so it’s no surprise that food science stories pop up frequently across the web and on television. But the truth of the matter is that the data has often been twisted (by one party or another) to fill a gap or serve a specific need. This is not to say that the science is made up and that these scientists are dishonest monsters — it’s just that industry pressures make going viral a sexier goal than sharing the straight-up truth.

I’m really hoping that scientific studies on our food become at least a little less self-serving in the near future. For more food science truth bombs, watch the excerpt from Last Week Tonight below.

I’d tell you to raise a glass to John Oliver to show your appreciation for his spirited message, but the jury’s still out on just how bad (good?) alcohol is for you. Maybe give him some snaps or a round of applause instead — just make sure to stretch first, OK?