Watch All the Food Scenes from Harry Potter in Just 3 Minutes

updated Jun 9, 2019
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The Harry Potter franchise turned 20 on June 26, leaving fans nostalgic for when the first book in the series originally released. The 20th anniversary marked the U.K. release of the first novel in the cult-favorite J.K. Rowling series: Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. To commemorate the occasion, Digg made a video featuring all the delicious (and unappetizing) foods featured in the films, from mundane moments to unforgettable ones.

The wizard world has some notable foods like Butterbeer, vomit-flavored jelly beans (other flavors: belly button lint, dirt, dog food, envelope glue, and phlegm), and chocolate frogs that hop like their amphibian counterparts. And that’s not mentioning the delicious feasts in the Great Hall of Hogwarts showcased in the movies.

The clip from Digg includes noteworthy moments like when Crab and Goyle are given spiked sleeping draught cupcakes, made by Hermoine, that put them into deep, albeit temporary, sleep. Or when Ginny and Harry share a mince pie. It ends with the scene where Dobby drops a cake on the Durlsey’s house guests and Harry gets framed for it while trying to stop it.

If the clip gets you hungry for some wizard world food, know that you can DIY some of them — like


Harry Potter-inspired recipes floating around the internet — at home in the muggle world. Or, you can take a trip to
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