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The $3 “Fancy” Crackers I Always Put out for Guests

published Dec 9, 2023
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Close up of a large selection of cream crackers
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These days, it’s just not a holiday party without a cheese board overflowing with gleaming cured meats, gooey Brie, deep-red grape clusters, and crisp crackers to stack everything on top of. Meat and cheese boards have become as ubiquitous as the carols piped into grocery stores this time of year, and I’m all about it. 

Although soft, spreadable cheeses and marbled prosciutto rivers often steal the spotlight on a well-styled board, don’t overlook the workhorse of your charcuterie spread: the crackers. A bad cracker selection can bring down even the fanciest of cheese offerings, which is why you’ll always find Wasa Rosemary & Sea Salt Flatbread Thins on every appetizer spread at my house. 

Credit: Elizabeth Briskin

What’s So Great About Wasa Rosemary & Sea Salt Flatbread Thins?

It’s always a disappointment to build yourself a charcuterie masterpiece (maybe a schmear of fig jam, a dollop of Camembert, and a ribbon of jamon) on a cracker, only to bite into it and find that your foundational ingredient is stale, dry, or too soft to withstand the weight of your art. 

Technically speaking, Wasa makes crispbreads, not crackers. Crispbreads are thin, light, and dry flatbreads that are a staple in Nordic countries, especially in Finland and Sweden (where Wasa is based). The breads are hung to dry after baking to remove excess moisture and extend their shelf-life.

Wasa’s flatbreads may be thin, but they’re incredibly sturdy. They don’t go soggy easily, so you can be generous with the whipped ricotta spread and take your time to enjoy bites during a conversation without an appetizer disintegrating in your hand. 

Size-wise, you get the best of both worlds. Their standard rectangular shape is a great size for a substantial appetizer or snack for one, with plenty of surface area for toppings. And they’re thin enough to play a background role to said toppings without drying out your mouth or covering you in crumbs. You can also snap them in half for a smaller portion or to share. (They break readily without shattering into messy fragments.)

I especially love the Wasa rosemary flavor during the holidays because it adds a subtle touch of seasonal herbiness. The rosemary is a nice complement to most cheese board offerings, but if you prefer a milder flavor, Wasa Sesame & Sea Salt Flatbread Thins are another great option. 

They’re surprisingly stale-proof too. They don’t come in a resealable container, but I’ve kept an open box in the pantry for several weeks without them going stale (I can’t say the same for more volatile nut- and seed-based crackers that tend to turn quickly). 

What’s the Best Way to Serve Wasa Rosemary & Sea Salt Flatbread Thins?

I always keep a box or two of Wasa Flatbread Thins on hand to throw together a last-minute appetizer with whatever cheese is in the fridge. They’re a must if I’m assembling a more elaborate spread. I can let guests layer their own cracker and cheese pairings or prepare tartines in advance with a creamy dip and garnishes if I have time. 

These flatbreads are also a great foundation for a Girl Dinner (or lunch) — just pile them high with whatever’s in the kitchen (I’m partial to salted Kerrygold butter and Island Creek Oysters Tinned Mussels). 

Buy: Wasa Rosemary & Sea Salt Flatbread Thins, $3.49 for 6.7 ounces at Vitacost