5 Dairy-Free Desserts for Warm Weather

published May 10, 2013

Regardless of the season, my go-to dessert when people come over to visit has always been ice cream. However, I have a handful of friends who’ve recently gone dairy-free, so I’ve been creatively challenged when thinking about something other than sorbet, sherbet or fresh fruit to serve to my old ice cream homies when they stop by in the evening. Now I have a few new ideas.

The more I research, the more I chuckle to myself because it reminds me of how I felt fifteen years ago, researching vegetarian recipes as if it were a whole new world: what do these people even eat? Thinking about dairy-free desserts is, only initially, the same way. It is a whole new world in the sense that you obviously can’t use cream, milk, or butter. But there are so many wonderful and easy-to-find substitutions to help mix up dreamy confections and sweets at home (coconut milk, silken tofu, cashews!).

After just a few days of researching and experimenting with dairy-free cheesecakes at home, I can safely say that you often don’t miss the dairy. So if you’re watching your intake, you may appreciate some of the recipes below. If you have friends who are limiting theirs, you’l llikely appreciate them, too. 

Do you have a favorite dairy-free dessert recipe? I’d love to know!

Try a Recipe:

  1. Fresh Figs and Cashew Cream – Leela Cyd Ross for The Kitchn (pictured) 
  2. Lemon Almond Cake – Big Girls, Small Kitchen
  3. Pink Grapefruit Pavlova – Metro B
  4. Chocolate Silk Cheesecakes with Kahlua Ganache – Lexie’s Kitchen
  5. Dairy-Free Strawberry Cake – Whole Foods Market

(Images: Leela Cyd Ross)