Warm Up: A New Twist on Apple Cider

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I lived on the East Coast, fall was all about finding ways to warm up in the mornings or evenings without cranking up the heat. This meant lots of soups and braises, blankets, long and vigorous walks, and cups of cider.

Too bad I hadn’t yet discovered Martha Stewart’s genius idea (in October’s issue of her magazine) of co-mingling tea and cider in one glass. When it’s not quite time for a Hot Toddy, brew a cup of tea using cider instead of water for a warm, comforting hot drink. Stewart recommends using Early Grey in apple cider; we also think that Ginger or Constant Comment would be lovely as well.

Some Inspiration:
Tea and Cider Wassail – Better Homes and Gardens
Hot Spiced Cider Tea – Food Network
Cinnamon Cider Tea – Tea With Grace

What other small things do you do to warm up when the nights turn chilly?

(Images: Megan Gordon and Flickr member Anders Aramark licensed for use under Creative Commons)