Warm and Cozy! Foods to Eat While Wearing Mittens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Planning a wintry escapade this weekend? Whether you’re heading out cross country skiing or downtown for some ice skating, here are a few snacks to tuck in your pockets!

When it’s too cold to take off our mittens, we like to have a few snacks that are easily accessible and won’t leave a lot of crumbs:

Also high on our list of mitten-friendly foods are soups kept steaming hot in a thermos. Here are ones that can be sipped directly from the thermos – no spoon required!

If you have an extra thermos, pack a warm drink to wash everything down:

What do you like to nibble and sip when you’re having fun in the snow?

(Image: Flickr member lululemon athletica licensed under Creative Commons)