Want to Brew Sake? Start Here

updated May 1, 2019
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We’re about to kick off our Beer School (it starts Monday, and it’s free — want to learn to brew?), but what if you’re a little more interested in wine? Sake is surprisingly easy to brew, and this kit gives you just about everything you need to start a batch. Here’s what’s included:

  • Includes glass carboy, cane siphon, siphon filter cap, siphon clip, tubing, stopper with hole, airlock, yeast, Campden tablets, acid blend, no-rinse sanitizer, steeping bags, short-grain polished rice, yeast energizer, and fermenting bucket with grommet
  • 1 pound white raisins required per batch, not included
  • Sake wine decanter and cups not included
  • Equipment can also be used for brewing beer and wine
  • Made in United States

It’s a nifty kit! Have you ever tried brewing sake?