Walnut Hole Slab Serving Board by Geoffrey Lilge

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

• $200
Geoffrey Lilge

This is something to pull out when a boatload of your favorite friends, dressed to the nines, are coming over for cheese and little pickles. This is the board for your jalapeño tasting party. Here’s where you lay out a dozen little bowls of ice cream when it’s your birthday and eleven of the best people on the planet are sharing your birthday meal. Handmade to order in Canada, there aren’t many other boards I know of that are as exquisite.

Lilge says his designs come out of the experience of growing up on a commune, hanging out in his mother’s breadboard studio, and testing prototypes with “gluttonous amounts of charcuterie.” I like this guy.

Lilge’s boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each design is available in Walnut (best for serving) and Maple (best for cutting).