Walmart Stores Are Getting a New Look — Here’s What You Can Expect

published Feb 15, 2022
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Credit: BCFC/Shutterstock

In Springdale, Arkansas, you’ll find a Walmart that’s unlike any other: an IKEA-like living room setup with QR codes to help you locate the items in store or online, apparel displays that look like they belong in a department store, and more. Walmart is calling this new experience “Time Well Spent,” which “focuses on making Walmart a destination where customers want to spend their time,” according to a press release.

For those of us that aren’t lucky enough to see the redesigned store in person, a viral TikTok video by user sydneyratcliff_8 walks viewers through the Springdale store to the upbeat Edison Lighthouse track “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes).” The beginning of the video has a caption that reads “When you live 20 minutes from Walmart Corporate and see the trial store at its finest.”

In the TikTok, which at the writing of this story has 18.4 million views, you see a polished looking Reebok activewear section complete with flashing TV screens, and a nursery display outfitted with a crib, rocking chair, and floral wallpaper (plus a QR code that presumably gives details on all the products). There’s a living room setup filled with items from Walmart’s Queer Eye collection (including a gorgeous green velvet couch, weathered oak coffee table, and matching end table), and refrigerators with pictures of the beverages inside (so that you know what’s there even if the glass is fogged over).

Since the posting of the original video, sydneyratcliff_8 has uploaded follow-up videos to answer viewer questions about the number of registers that are open and details on that green couch from the Queer Eye display. We are loving this new look for Walmart and hope to see it at a location we frequent soon.