This Viral Video Shows One Walmart Shopper Carrying His Groceries — Including a Watermelon —  Home on a Scooter

published Apr 13, 2023
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People going in and coming out of a Walmart store on a sunny day, south San Francisco bay area
Credit: Sundry Photography / Shutterstock

While there are different ways to get your groceries home – toting your shopping bags in a car, grabbing public transport with your goods, or going the Instacart delivery route — Jordan Flan showed his 2 million TikTok viewers and 1 million Facebook followers one unexpected and creative way. All you need are some carabiners, a will, and a way. And, in the case of this one man, the way was a Lime electric scooter.

Known for his real-life videos of funny happenings, Flan caught the Walmart shopper on camera going through what he admitted was a weekly routine of suiting up with a safety vest covered in zip ties. After donning the bedazzled vest, he clipped a carabiner (for those who don’t rock climb, they’re coupling links with safety closures) to each tie and then hung a bag on each carabiner until his entire body was covered with white plastic. 

Onto his Lime e-scooter he hopped and sped away. But not before the cherry on top — a huge watermelon in a front baby carrier for a safe ride home. 

No one thought he could do it, but he figured out a way! Very creative. No need for a car or truck when you can use your clothes to carry all of your groceries!” Flan posted. 

The almost four-minute video ended with Flan eventually offering up his praise to the shopper. To which he laughed and replied, “If you don’t have a car, it works well.”

One commenter on the post noticed one very important thing on the video. Not only should the shopper be praised for his ingenuity, but “he also put the shopping cart back in its place.” Bravo on both feats.