The Ice Cream Maker I’m Using on Repeat Is on Major Sale (So Long Store-Bought!)

published Jun 26, 2024
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strawberry ice cream in loaf pan
Credit: Kayla Hoang

I’ve been a dessert-lover forever, and if I had to pick one that I couldn’t live without, it would be ice cream. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it, and there’s never been a flavor I didn’t like. I’m always stocked up on a pint or two, even though I have the smallest freezer known to man. However, though I’ve tried more flavors and brands than I can count, I’ve only recently achieved true ice cream aficionado status because I finally made it myself for the first time.

For a while, I doubted that I actually needed an ice cream maker. However, after giving homemade a try with my KitchenAid stand mixer attachment, I’m never going back. The process is so much fun, and the payoff is so much sweeter. However, if you don’t have a KitchenAid, you can still follow your ice cream-making dreams thanks to the editor-loved Ninja CREAMi. In fact, I think I’m going to grab one myself considering all of the extra features it offers — and that it’s on sale at Walmart. Find out all about it below!

What is the Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker?

The CREAMi has been having a moment on social media lately, and we’re here for it. In fact, we were fans long before it went viral. Commerce editor Britt has had one in her kitchen since 2022 — she says it’s the “ultimate summer companion.” Why? In addition to ice cream, the CREAMi whips up sorbets, milkshakes, and more at the press of a button. All you have to do is freeze the base in advance and prepare your mixture exactly how you want it (you can use less sugar or keep things dairy-free, for instance). You can also create your own unique flavors and add mix-ins that you can’t at the store.

“I can prepare any of my favorite flavors ahead of time, store them in the freezer, and pop them out whenever an ice cream craving hits,” Britt says. “The Ninja CREAMi makes refreshing ice cream in under five minutes, which is so much better than my old-fashioned ice cream maker! I also love that I can even make dairy-free sorbets because I always have fruit juice on hand.”

Credit: Walmart

What Walmart Shoppers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“I love this kitchen device SO MUCH! I’m a plant based/whole food vegan and I can make the most creamy and delicious ice cream using ripe banana, cacao, dates, rolled oats and water… it’s the best thing ever!” — GretchenC

“I’m loving this, we’ve used it almost every night for a few weeks. Definitely need extra cups, especially if it’s for 2 or more people. You can make so many different things! My current favorite is watermelon margarita, watermelon chunks, diced strawberries, limeade, triple sec, and tequila. Freeze overnight and spin on sorbet for a perfect margarita slushie.” — Emily

“I love my Ninja Creami. I love how I can take a protein shake and make it into delicious ice cream. My family fights over who gets ice cream every night because it comes with only two pints. LOL Walmart had the BEST price and the shipping is as good as Amazon. Amazon’s price could not even come close.” — Debra

With how many pints you’ll end up making yourself, you’ll save so much money in the long run. And you can save even more while the CREAMi is on sale for a limited time. Grab it now so you can make the most of ice cream season!

Buy: Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker, $169 (normally $199)