Walmart’s Huge Memorial Day Sale Is On — These Are the 10 Deals You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

While we’re certainly excited about all the warm-weather meals and refreshing summer drinks that will soon be debuting on our tables, right now we’re also excited about having the opportunity to refresh our kitchens. Memorial Day weekend is a brilliant time to shop for new appliances, cookware, cleaning products, and tools and gadgets — mostly because of the incredible deals you’ll find. If you look in the right places, you can seriously save hundreds.

We always recommend starting your search at Walmart, since they sell just about everything under the sun. Whether you want to check out air fryers, vacuum cleaners, stand mixers, or even cast-iron Dutch ovens, you’ll find it there — and right now you’ll get it at a handsome discount, too. For inspiration, browse our top picks below — they’re some of the best deals Walmart has going this Memorial Day.

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was $28.39

Now you really can get just a single serving of ice cream (or gelato or sorbet). This personal ice cream maker has a core that you leave in the freezer overnight then add a chilled base to when you're ready for a cool treat. The best part is you can choose which kind of milk you use — animal- or plant-based — and customize all your favorite mix-ins.

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was $32.58

Skip buying $5 cups of cold brew coffee or iced tea every day and save a few bucks by making it at home in this easy-to-use cold brew pitcher. You can make a batch overnight and conveniently serve it out of the same vessel.

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was $69.99

With four different head attachments and bowls that help contain your chopping, whisking, and mixing, this immersion blender bundle is a great deal. It can chop ice for smoothies, whip cream, and even make baby food.

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was $39.99

Save your kitchen counter space by getting this set of cutting boards that can hang on the underside of shelves or open cabinets. It includes two small screws to keep it mounted securely and has color-coded cutting boards if you want to designate them for specific types of ingredients.

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was $59.97

This generously sized and beautifully colored cast-iron Dutch oven is a steal at $45, so we recommend grabbing one for yourself and one to give as a gift later in the year. Tramontina may be more well known for their nonstick fry pans, but this essential piece of cookware delivers on quality, too. Its enamel coating means food will have a harder time sticking (and you'll have an easier time cleaning it, too).

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was $59.00

For a convenient and sustainable way to keep your floors looking their best, reach for this refillable steam mop from Shark. Instead of using disposable wet wipe heads, this cleaning tool has cloth heads that can be cleaned and reused over and over again. It's safe to use on wood and tile floors and does a great job of powering through dirt without the need for any harsh cleaning chemicals.

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was $95.00

This tabletop electric grill is the easiest and smartest way to get backyard grill flavors without leaving your kitchen. It has a cross-hatch grill plate to sear in those iconic grill marks and an internal fan that prevents smoke from escaping and clouding up your space. Plus, if you like to grill vegetables, you won't have to worry about any food dropping in between grates, which can be seriously annoying on traditional outdoor grills.

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was $99.99

With all the bulky and flashy air fryers on the market, we appreciate this minimalist and sleek air fryer. It has a simple interface for dialing in the exact cook settings you want and is even voice activated so you can turn it off when you're in another room. (An especially helpful setting if you have a habit of making food a little too well done.)

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was $129.00

Drew Barrymore's line of kitchen appliances is quite well made, and this $100 stand mixer is a smart alternative to the more well-known KitchenAid model. This includes a roomy mixing bowl with a splash guard to prevent flour from flying out.

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was $529.99

Dyson makes the best stick vacuum cleaners on the market, and their V10 model is super lightweight so you can take care of vacuuming your entire home without getting tired. Plus, this device includes a filter designed to trap allergens so they're not left floating around your space.