Walmart Is Dropping a Major Change That Will Impact the Way You Shop

published Jan 9, 2024
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Noblesville - Circa May 2023: Walmart discount retailer. Walmart offers goods in local stores, on the internet, and on its Walmart app.
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Editor’s note:  Walmart and Loop completed a year-long test and learn pilot to better understand how reuse and refill schemes can work on the ground in a market. The pilot has since concluded.

As much as we love perusing the aisles of the grocery store, some shoppers swear by delivery. With its ease and convenience, we can’t really blame them. However, it may not always be the most sustainable option as many deliveries come packed in plastic. Fortunately, Walmart is doing its part to reduce the need for single-use plastics by providing consumers with both refillable and reusable products.

In a new partnership with Loop, a brand that collaborates with retailers to create recycled and reusable alternatives for single-use items, Walmart shoppers can now get their favorite products in replenishable canisters. All users need to do is leave their empty bottles, jars, and containers on their doorstep for pickup. The vessel will then be cleaned out, restocked, and brought back to you full of your favorite grocery items.

As of right now, Walmart is working with Loop on an array of brands like Clorox, Seventh Generation, Cascade, and Kraft Heinz, among others — and more brands are expected to be added to the lineup this year. The service is available for those who receive grocery delivery from Walmart+ InHome. 

“By leaning into reuse with Loop and so many of our brand partners, we see a unique opportunity to help our customers eliminate packaging and single-use plastic from many of their regular purchases,” said Corey Bender, VP of merchandising for household essentials, in a press release.

This all comes after a year of Walmart slowly eliminating paper and plastic bags at various locations throughout the country, just a small step in making shopping a bit more eco-friendly.

Walmart is certainly doing their part to help the planet and we are here for it. Hopefully other major retailers will be inspired to up their own tactics for keeping single-use items out of landfills for cleaner and greener homes.