This Ingenious Gadget Will Instantly Turn Any Outlet Into a Shelf to Save You Floor and Counter Space

published Oct 5, 2022
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There’s nothing more satisfying than coming across a solution to a problem you thought you’d never be able to fix. Now, one thing you should know about me is that I love music — so much so that I have a speaker in practically every room of my home. Is this necessary? Probably not. But for me, having access to music at all times is a must. The only downside about this is the amount of space they take up on my countertops, something I value as a studio apartment dweller. While irksome, I never looked at this as a problem with a potential solution. That is, until an aimless scroll through Amazon a couple of weeks back introduced me to the WALI Outlet Shelf.

The idea behind this handy little shelf is simple: to move tech off of our floors and surfaces and onto its own dedicated space. When I first saw this my jaw dropped and I distinctly remember saying, “This exists?” It’s such a simple way of organizing tech clutter that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before (and was frankly peeved I didn’t come up with the idea myself). But the best part? Installation is also a breeze; you simply remove your current wall plate, slide the shelf over the outlet, and reattach the wall plate to secure the shelf in place. That’s it. No extra work or wall damage necessary.

I’m clearly not the only one impressed by this gadget. With thousands of five-star reviews, customers have been loving the ingenuity of this shelf, with one raving, “This is an amazing little shelf! With a recent bathroom remodel, I thought it would be nice to have an Amazon Echo in there while getting ready in the morning. Rather than have the echo take up bathroom counter space, this creates its own space for the echo. I love it so much, that I’m about to order one for our kitchen as well!” Another went on to share, “These were great for our cell phones. Didn’t have a perfect place to charge them and didn’t want them laying on the floor while charging them by an outlet. These can go anywhere you have an outlet and keeps them off floors.”

Coming in both black and white to match any decor, the WALI outlet shelf comes in at just $12. While parsing through reviews one comment I kept seeing time and time again was, “This is one of those products you didn’t know you needed until you see it” and I couldn’t agree more. Now, where’s my screwdriver — I have some updates to make.

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it here: This Ingenious Gadget Instantly Turns Any Outlet Into a Shelf to Save You Floor and Counter Space