Wake up Your Watermelon: The Secret Ingredient

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Watermelon is pretty darn good on its own, and I’m sure, come the dead of winter, we’d take it any way we could get it. But there are ways to eat watermelon that really balance out its inherently sweet flavor and watery texture. And one ingredient, in particular, is getting a lot of buzz.

In a piece for Slate last week, L.V. Anderson writes “plain watermelon leaves something to be desired. To be fair, it does not leave much to be desired. But both its unbeatably succulent texture and its cloyingly sweet flavor cry out to be anchored by something substantial.” That substantial ingredient Anderson speaks of is feta cheese. Anderson suggests that if we all had to sit down and think of something that pairs well with watermelon and balances it nicely, we’d likely think of a “creamy and dense” ingredient that serves as a counterpoint to watermelon’s watery crunch. So instead of being a culinary fad or trend, feta and watermelon are a logical marriage and look as though they’re here to stay. We thought it was time to feature a few of our favorite recipes celebrating the two:

Try a Recipe:
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(Image: Diana Taliun/Shutterstock)