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Wake Up Your Standard Burger with a Jolt of Caffeine

published Aug 26, 2016
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Coffee-Crusted Burger
(Image credit: Southern Fatty)

Tomorrow is National Burger Day — are you ready? Maybe you’ve got a tried-and-true recipe you turn to when burger cravings strike, but in the interest of keeping things interesting, why don’t you try spiking your beef with a little caffeine?

Yes, this burger has coffee in it — a double dose, in fact. First you sneak a drop of coffee extract into the ground beef, and then you sprinkle some finely ground coffee on the patties before grilling them. The ground coffee adds a surprising texture when you bite into the burger, and the extract lends a smoky flavor profile that complements the kiss of charcoal you get from the grill.

You can top your burger however you prefer, but the author (wisely) suggests a delicious combination of chipotle mayo, sprouts, sliced red onion, and goat cheese.

Get the Recipe: Coffee-Crusted Burger with Chipotle Mayo from Southern Fatty