Wait! You Don’t Have to Pit Those CherriesThe Atlantic

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We get pretty wide-eyed at the cherries that are showing up in the market. We think of all the things we could make with them… and then we remember that we’d have to pit them. And we don’t own a pitter. Well, cookbook author Sally Schneider over at The Atlantic‘s food channel cooked whole cherries into a sweet, saucy dessert—pits, leaves, and all.

Schneider describes the dilemma of having a big bag of cherries, a hungry group of dinner guests, and no time (or, if it’s us, energy) to pit the whole lot. She improvised and took a risk, cooking the whole cherries in a pan with some sugar, water, and vanilla until they were soft and fragrant.

She served them with crème fraîche, and her dinner companions dipped and slurped and tossed their pits aside as if they were eating mussels or good olives. Why not?

Read the article and get the recipe:
Cherry Season Made Simpler, from The Atlantic

What do you think? Is this a rustic dessert you’d try? We think you could do this with other fruits, too. Roast whole plums or nectarines and just peel or cut away the soft flesh from the pit…

(Image: Sally Schneider for The Atlanic)