Wait, You Can Freeze That? Wine, Eggs, Cheese and More

Wait, You Can Freeze That? Wine, Eggs, Cheese and More

Stephanie Barlow
Dec 9, 2011

Has your freezer become the middleman between your stove and the trash? Do you groan at the thought of fitting another big casserole into the frozen abyss? It's time to rethink how we use our freezers! Read on for tips on foods you never even knew could be useful frozen, and other tips.

Melissa Clark put together 27 freezer tips over at Real Simple and more than a few of them are worth noting.

Freeze Ingredients: When freezing, think of what you'll use for cooking, not necessarily the foods themselves. Take wine, for example. Why freeze wine? Think of making tomato sauce and realizing half way through that you could really use a few splashes of red wine. Hello frozen wine cubes!

Think Small: Not only does portion control mean faster freezer-to-plate time, freezing in small portions results in fresher dishes. The larger the dish, the longer the entire thing takes to freeze and the less fresh it can taste.

Yes, Eggs!: This was a revelation for me - Melissa explains that eggs can be frozen as long as you remove them from the shells and beat them a bit. Again, these are going to be better used in baked goods than fried up on their own.

Marinate in the Freezer: Save time by adding marinade to meat and poultry before freezing. The liquid will help keep freezer burn at bay and once thawed, the meat is ready for cooking.

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