Waffling Over Waffle Makers: Should You Buy One?

published Apr 7, 2011
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As much as we love the waffles they make, it’s hard to deny that waffle makers are a first-class unitasker (ok, duo-tasker). And most of them hog precious cupboard space on top of that. Is there any way to justify buying one?

How much do you love waffles? This is the question we must ask ourselves. My own personal rule when buying shiny new kitchen tools is that I need to plan on using it at least once a month. I’ll admit that the desire to be able to make something, like these waffles, occasionally over-rides my frugal logic.

If we can’t justify buying one right out, there’s hope! I might not use a waffle iron more than a few times a year all by myself, but I bet if I rounded up a few nearby friends, we could make the numbers work out. I like the idea of tool-shares in general, and buying a tool like this with friends has the added bonus of cutting down the cost.

Another option is to up the waffle iron’s multi-tasking abilities. In looking for waffle makers, I stumbled across a George Foreman grill with removable waffle plates and a similar 2-in-1 device from Black & Decker. Besides waffles, we could use a grill like this for things like cooking chicken breasts and making paninis.

Do you own a waffle iron? Do you think it’s worth buying one?

(Image: Sur la Table)