The Brand Behind One of Our Favorite Ice Cube Trays Created a New Version That’s Perfect for Meal Prep

published Mar 3, 2023
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blue food storage container on counter with bread inside
Credit: W&P

Everyone knows that you seek out certain brands for certain products. For quality pots and pans, you turn to All-Clad. In need of a heavy-duty blender? Check out Vitamix. Here at Kitchn, we have a brand name in mind for pretty much every culinary product category, even the less obvious ones, such as ice cube trays. There’s a clear winner in terms of who has cornered that market, and it’s W&P. Last summer, we raved about their oversized ice cube trays, and just recently, we covered the launch of the newer model, which is simultaneously compact and capacious. If you had to guess what W&P’s next release would entail, you might predict their smallest ice cube tray yet. Instead, they went in the other direction and delighted us once again with the release of the 2 Cup Cube Freezer Tray. Although this dual-compartment container takes inspiration from its freezer-focused predecessors, where it really shines is in the meal prep department.

For $20, you get W&P’s popular cup cube tray, except this version has only two portions to fill. Each roomy side has a 2-cup capacity, making it ideal for food storage. Pour dough inside the compartments to achieve perfect cornbread molds (the 2 Cup Cube freezer tray is oven-safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit!) or use the container to store any variety of eats — veggies, smoothie blends, oats, and more. Clearly, you don’t have to stick it in the freezer. You can prep the next day’s lunch the night before and pop this box into your bag come morning. Its tight-fitting lid not only prevents spills, but it also keeps gross fridge and freezer smells from seeping into your leftovers. As a result, your meals will always remain fresh and taste delicious.

Credit: W&P

Other than its heat-resistant nature, the great thing about the 2 Cup Cube freezer tray’s silicone material is that it’s nonstick. You’ll be able to easily extract whatever’s inside without disrupting its form or having to wait for it to thaw. This also means that cleanup will always be a breeze, especially considering the tray is dishwasher-safe. And because each compartment holds exactly 2 cups, you’ll never be left wondering how large your portion sizes really are. This ingenious two-in-one bakeware piece and storage container is newly available now, so be one of the first to get your hands on it — and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting another one (or two!).