20 Easy Vodka Drinks to Make at Home

updated Feb 4, 2021
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Just like whiskey and gin, you’ll find a bottle of vodka in just about everyone’s liquor cabinet. It’s a staple spirit that’s incredibly versatile in cocktails, whether you’re simply enjoying it with tonic water or shaking it into some sort of fruity concoction.

If you have a bottle waiting to be turned into happy hour drinks, look no further. We’ve gathered all our best cocktail recipes that feature vodka and dropped them all in one place. Whether it’s a martini, Moscow mule, sangria, or something else entirely you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it here.

Classic and Newfangled Vodka Cocktails

There are so many drinks that just wouldn’t exist without vodka. The martini, Moscow mule, and bloody Mary are just a few. Although don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new, too.

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The Best Classic Martini
Regardless of it you prefer it with vodka or gin, it doesn't get any more timeless than a martini.
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Basic Caesar
This is how Canada does a Bloody Mary, featuring the briny magic of Clamato juice.
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El Gallito
This sweet and savory cocktail is mixed up in the blender and the mixture that gets strained out makes for an awesome salsa you can serve with the drink.
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Blackberry and Cucumber Mule
Fizzy ginger beer gives this refreshing cocktail its fiery bite.
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The Greyhound
This classic cocktail made with grapefruit juice and vodka is fresh and vibrants.
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The Best Moscow Mules
Here's an easy step-by-step guide to making a Moscow Mule cocktail, plus variations.
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Sparkling Peach Sunrise
A sparkling brunch cocktail made with peach shrub, grapefruit juice, vodka, and prosecco.
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Sauerkraut Martini
It might sound weird, but trust us.
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Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer
When blueberries are in season, you can do know better than this spritzer.
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Kiwi Vodka Tonic
Vodka tonics get a fruit upgrade with the help of kiwi.
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Cosmo Slushy
The only way to make this favorite cocktail better is to turn it into a slushy.
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Rhubarb Basil Cocktail
If you don't have fresh basil on hand, mint would be equally great here.
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Tomato Water Bloody Mary
This lighter, fresher version of a bloody Mary could be your new favorite.
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Vodka Pitcher Cocktails

The only thing better than a cocktail for one is a pitcher cocktail to serve your family or friends. That means less refilling of glasses, which is always a win.

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Spicy Pineapple Vodka Punch
Pineapple juice and jalapeño are the stars of this 3-ingredient vodka cocktail.
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Sparkling Rosemary Cider
All you need for this easy, 3-ingredient pitcher cocktail is vodka, sparkling apple cider, and fresh rosemary.
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Bloody Mary
While you can definitely make individual bloody Marys, a pitcher always goes quickly at the brunch table.
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Bomb Pop Cocktail Pitcher
This colorful pitcher is so fun to look at, you might not even want to pour it.
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Red Wine, Blackberry & Ginger Pitcher Cocktail
This twist on sangria is both fruit and spicy thanks to lots of fresh ginger.
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Sparkling Spiked Peach Lemonade
Feel free to try using a mix of stone fruit here, like nectarines and plums, in addition to the peaches.
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White Wine, Clementine & Vanilla Pitcher Cocktail
Vanilla lends just a touch of floral, sweet notes to this pretty pitcher cocktail.
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