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This Is One of the Best Gifts I’ve Ever Received and I Use It Multiple Times a Day

published Nov 8, 2021
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If I had to name one simple, unassuming gift I’ve received that ended up becoming an item that I use every single day, it would undoubtedly be the mug warmer that sits on my desk. While there are tons of mug warmers out there to choose from at all different price points, including the Kitchen editor-favorite, splurge-worthy Ember Mug, this no-frills gadget comes out on top for me. Without realizing it, the Vobaga Mug Warmer quickly became one of the most-used gifts I’ve ever received, as it comes in handy multiple times a day.

As someone whose first coffee in the morning usually stretches into the afternoon, I’m quite familiar with the song and dance of having to reheat the same cup over and over again in the microwave. And as anyone else who also sticks their coffee in the microwave knows, it always tastes a little off after and much more bitter.

Having had a Mr. Coffee mug warmer in the past that I lost after moving, my mom bought me this Vobaga mug warmer instead last year to use while working from home. I hadn’t been impressed by the Mr. Coffee warmer as it didn’t keep my coffee very warm (which I didn’t mind since it was only $10!), so I didn’t expect much from this tool that only cost a bit more. But I have been pleasantly surprised!

While there are mug warmers that cost over $100, this under $25 pick does exactly what I need it to do. I’ve noticed that it works best when you place your hot coffee or tea on it right away, rather than halfway through sipping when it’s already gone lukewarm. I think people expect these gadgets to bring their drinks back to a steaming hot temperature — but many are built to slow down the cooling speed. When I place a hot cup of coffee on it fresh from my French press, I can sip it well into the afternoon and have it still be warm. Later in the day, I usually switch to tea, which means that this tool is on basically all day and has yet to show signs of wear or tear.

The Vobaga warmer has three settings, although I always keep mine at the highest setting. I recall being able to touch the plate of my Mr. Coffee warmer when it was on, but this one certainly heats up much higher (aka: Don’t touch the burner!). I also like that it’s touch-enabled and doesn’t have bulky buttons, which contributes to its overall sleek look. While I have it in black, it also comes in several colors like Sky Blue, White, and Wood Grain that make it look like a much more expensive warmer.

Now, I can leisurely sip all my warm beverages and not have to worry about a trip to the microwave. It’s safe to say that I’m ready for winter, thanks to my favorite desk accessory. And clearly, it makes for a great gift for coffee lovers (or tea and hot chocolate) that they’ll use almost constantly!

Buy: VOBAGA Mug Warmer, $20.39