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The Best Kitchen Rug Isn’t Actually a Rug at All

published Nov 10, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of V-MAT

For years now, I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect kitchen rug to place in front of my kitchen sink. I hadn’t found anything that felt right … until I learned about V-MAT rugs through my Instagram feed.

I’m not sure why it had taken me so long to commit to a kitchen rug. Maybe I was afraid of finding one I loved and then accidentally staining it? Or the thought of crumbs collecting? Or maybe I just thought it would be tough to find a design that wouldn’t be an eyesore in my kitchen.

The V-MAT covers all of these worries and more. See, their rugs aren’t really rugs. I mean they look like rugs, but they’re actually made of vinyl! Which makes each one lightweight, waterproof, and super easy to clean. “Vinyl mats are much easier to clean and maintain compared with traditional rugs,” Iris, a company spokesperson, assured me when I inquired. Well, Iris was right!

I’ve had my vinyl kitchen mat for months now, and it still looks brand new — even though the space is heavily trafficked on a daily basis. When I accidentally spilled spaghetti sauce on my mat, it was so simple to wipe off in an instant — with zero lingering tomato stains! I just grabbed an all-purpose spray and an old rag and wiped everything away in seconds. No blotting. No vacuum. No rolling it up and carrying it off to the laundry room. Totally easy!

Credit: Michelle Lau
A close-up look at V-MAT's best-selling Wine Vinyl Mat in my kitchen. Perfect! Even after I spilled spaghetti sauce on it!

Another pro? Because my rug isn’t a rug, I don’t have to worry about dirt, microscopic dust, or teeny tiny crumbs hiding in carpet tufts. The smooth surface makes it pretty easy to maintain with a routine sweep of the Swiffer. I also don’t have to worry about tripping over it. With the smallest ones (measuring 2 feet by 3 feet) coming in at $60, the V-MAT is less expensive than lots of rugs out there, too! Think about how long your mat will last and how much time you’ll save on cleaning and upkeep.

But here’s the very best reason to get one: With all of the designs and custom sizing the company offers, these “rugs” are absolutely beautiful. There are so many designs available in different styles that I really struggled for days deciding which one to order online. There are ones that look like gorgeous tile, ones that look cute and dainty, and ones that are super modern and geometric. Seriously, the toughest decision will be narrowing down your choice to just one!

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