I Can’t Stop Talking About This Super-Versatile Travel Mug That Doubles as a French Press and Teapot

updated Apr 2, 2024
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Like many of you, I love a good travel mug. While I’ve been an Owala-devotee for quite some time now, as a shopping editor, I’ve tried them all: Stanleys, YETIs, Hydro Flasks, you name it. However, even after all of these years of testing, I’ve yet to find “the one” that can do it all. I’m a self-proclaimed beverage goblin so I’m constantly grabbing a new drink throughout the day, whether it be water, a loose-leaf tea, or something fun like a Poppi or a United Sodas. So I’ve been on the hunt for a bottle that can handle any drink I can throw at it. 

I used to think that this was too big of an ask. After all, how many times have you used an “all-in-one” product that didn’t end up letting you down in an area or two? However, when the VIVA Recharge Travel Mug came across my desk, I was intrigued and decided to add another bottle to my collection. Little did I know that it would end up replacing my collection. 

What is the VIVA Recharge Travel Mug? 

Designed to act as a travel tumbler, thermos, tea infuser, coffee press, flask, iced tea maker, and teapot, this 7-in-1 wonder makes it easy to make virtually any and every drink you could want. Featuring a French press-like design, the interior mesh filter is a dream for those looking to brew both tea and coffee. And if you’re looking to switch to water after that morning cup, simply remove the filter, rinse, and voilà: an instant travel tumbler! Complete with a double-wall insulated interior that keeps drinks hot for over 6 hours or cold for 12 hours, a leak-proof lid, and an ergonomic, nonslip design, it’s hard to fight the ingenuity of this mug. 

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

Why I love the VIVA Recharge Travel Mug

Now, I had never seen a mug claim to do all of this before discovering the VIVA Recharge — so that meant I had some serious testing to do. I decided to perform a bunch of tests over the course of a week to see if it really could live up to its multiuse claims. I began with the easiest test: water. After putting in some water and ice, I used it as I would a normal water bottle for the rest of the day, and reader, it lived up to that 12-hour claim — I clocked in 13 and a half hours before I felt my water getting warm. 

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

Next came the tea tests. Each morning, I made a different type of tea: loose-leaf, bagged, and then iced. All three were incredibly easy to make, but I found myself the most impressed with the loose leaf. The mesh filter of the press is so incredibly fine, and I was pleasantly surprised to find none of the tea made its way through. Plus, my tea was still warm six hours into the day! I haven’t put this mug down since. 

The last test was the coffee test — this was the one I was most curious about. I don’t drink coffee so I had a friend come over and made her a cup with this “travel French press” so I could decide once and for all if this mug was the real deal. I was particularly interested to see if the fine mesh strainer would truly leave the coffee grit-free. So I made the coffee, poured my friend a cup, and wouldn’t you know it — no grounds at the bottom of her mug. Not only was I impressed, but my friend hit me with, “Oh, you have to write about this!” And well, here we are. 

The VIVA Recharge is available in six fun colors and comes in at $50. Now, while that might seem a bit steep (see what I did there?) for a travel mug, when you take into account all that it can do, you’ll find it to be more than worth it. So if you’re ready to discover your new favorite travel mug — and possibly clear up some precious cabinet space in the process — give this mug a shot. Something tells me it may just become everyone’s next go-to mug.   

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