Alert! Vitamix Just Added Bigger and Better Deals to Their Black Friday Sale

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Ahh, those three little words that are so lovely to hear. Yes, you know the ones: huge Vitamix sale. And Vitamix’s Black Friday sale is, indeed, massive. It’s part of their Cyber Weekend of sales, where you can score up to $200 off blenders, accessories, and more, plus get double the reward points. And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a Vitamix. These blenders boast top-notch stainless-steel blades and the ability to whip up smoothies, dips, and baby food — and even steaming hot soup! — in minutes. Check out what’s on sale starting at 6 pm ET on Thanksgiving, but don’t delay, because these fantastic deals end on Nov. 30 at midnight.

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If they had a blender in Star Trek, it would be a Vitamix Ascent. That’s because this line comes with all the tech bells and whistles, but it's still intuitive to use. The A3300 pairs with Vitamix’s Perfect Blend app, which comes with 17 programs and more than 500 recipes. Like the Venturist, it’ll connect with the containers you’re using and adjust the blend time accordingly. The touchscreen interface not only looks sleek, but no knobs means it’s much easier to clean.

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Don’t be scared off by the word “reconditioned.” Vitamix puts every refurbished blender through the same stringent quality assurance tests you’d get with a new one. They’re so confident in their product that they offer a five-year full warranty on it, meaning you’ll get a superior blender at a drastically low price. The Venturist features Vitamix’s signature variable speed control and pulse buttons, as well as a digital timer so you won’t over-blend your pasta sauce. The Venturist is compatible with Vitamix's Self-Detect line of containers, and thanks to the built-in wireless connectivity, your blender will “know” what size container you’re using and adjust blending times accordingly.

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The Next Generation is essentially an entry-level Vitamix — but that hardly means it’s basic or boring. This little wonder can whip up baby food, dips, smoothies, and even hot chocolate in minutes. That’s right, the blades create enough friction to heat your ingredients right in the container, offering warm wintery delights like soups and cocoa on demand. The Next Gen comes with Vitamix tentpole features like a variable speed dial and pulse option, so you can layer chunkier ingredients on top of the smoother purée for goodies like salsa and crunchy peanut butter.

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Why does something so good for the environment have to be so, well, stinky? Here’s the solution to composting woes: the airtight FoodCycler. It churns your food scraps into fertilizer — but without the downsides of fruit flies and bad odor, thanks to the carbon filtration system. The unassuming container fits underneath the sink (it’s roughly one cubic foot), discretely breaking down food scraps into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that’ll bring your tomato plants to the next level.

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Give the whisk — and your wrist — a break with the Aer Disc Container, a superior aerator that’s compatible with your Vitamix blender. It pushes food through small holes in the disc, giving you foam for your latte, fluffy whipped cream for brownies, or emulsified butter for sauces. And since firmer ingredients (like fruit) aren’t pulverized by the blades, the Aer can deliver perfectly muddled berries for your mojito, making it an ideal addition to your bar.