Vitamin-Inspired and Pure White: New Colors for Staub

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We know that a lot of you are big fans of enameled cast iron; who doesn’t love their Dutch oven? We use ours every day, and while it’s perfectly functional, we use it from oven-to-table so often that we’d love to add a complementing piece in another color. So here’s some eye candy for you today from Staub, who updated their line with some new “vitamin-inspired” colors.

We’re not exactly sure what in inspiring about vitamins (in our experience they are mostly brownish-green); we suppose these pieces are actually inspired by the fruit and vegetables that give us our vitamins. Regardless of the vitamins and all that, they’re very pretty. We can definitely get behind that. The Pure White colorway is an elegant one, too; we like the current trend in pure black and white cookware.

• 1 Teapot in Orange
• 2 Round Cocotte in White
• 3 Teapot in Lemon
• 4 Round Cocotte in Basil
• 5 Braiser in Eggplant

• 6 Grill Pan in Cherry
• 7 Braiser in Grenadine

(Images: Staub)