Virtual Grocery Shopping: In The Subway?

updated May 2, 2019
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2011_07_08-virtualsupermarketsubway.jpgHow often, when waiting for your subway train, do you think about grocery shopping? No? Apparently, some folks in South Korea are a step ahead. One station has opened up a virtual grocery store, allowing consumers to shop for food and have their purchased delivered directly to their homes later that day. Would you order your groceries from a subway station?

Clearly this concept is based on clean, well running subway stations, which are mystical to those of us who live in New York City. The idea of saving time by grocery shopping during one’s commute sounds great. However, who would want to be mid-order when their train pulls up?

European grocery store chain Tesco just opened the first virtual store in a subway station in South Korea. Consumers browse photos of items, set up to mimic supermarket shelves. They scan each product’s QR code and
“check out” via their cell phone. Pretty cool.

Do you save time by grocery shopping online or would you rather just head to the store the old fashioned way?

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(Image: Gizmodo)