Virtual CSA Box: Gypsy Peppers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Gypsy peppers are on the list of produce in this week’s box over at Full Belly Farm in Northern California.

Gypsy peppers are sweet peppers that have thinner walls and skin than grocery-variety bell peppers, so they are much better suited to roasting and grilling. They are also very popular for stuffing. The fully ripe red peppers nearly explode with flavor, unlike the watery, sometimes insipid bell peppers. All peppers are harvested at various stages or ripeness, so the red ones are the sweetest, next to the less ripe yellow and green versions.

They’re hard to find outside of small organic farms and produce stands, especially in California. Check out this San Francisco Chronicle article for more on this hybrid variety of peppers.

Are you cooking with Gypsy peppers?

(Image credit: Veseys)