Virtual CSA Box: Juliet Tomatoes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Roxbury Farm in New York is offering Juliet tomatoes in this week’s CSA share, so we looked into this tomato to see what makes it different from others showing up at the end of the summer.

The Juliet tomato is a small, 1-ounce tomato somewhere between a grape and full-size tomato. It’s shaped like a plum tomato, but sized smaller, with a higher acidity and crisper texture. They can last longer on the vine than most other kinds of tomatoes, and they grow in clusters like grapes.

We don’t have many suggestions for using these – other than eating as soon as you get them, and slicing them up for a salad (maybe to go with that pork tenderloin!).

They sound like a fun tomato to grow, too. Are you finding these in your CSA box this week?

(Image credit: Veseys)