Virtual CSA Box: Cucumbers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cool as a cucumber – how do you stay that cool in the hot stretch of August? Hopefully you have a cucumber or two in your CSA box this cucumber season. Cucumbers grow in the middle of the summer, from June to August, and “cucumber season” has come to mean the time when little seems to happen and newspapers don’t have much to write about.

We love paper-transparent slices of cucumbers, chilled and lightly salted. We could eat them all summer long. Here are a few more ideas for cooling off with cucumber…

From salads to bases for dips, there are some good ideas for using cucumbers at this article in Sunset.

Another favorite way to use up cucumbers is in pachadi or raita, yogurt-based dips from Pakistan and India. Here is a good recipe for pachadi and another for raita. These are also similar to the Greek Tzatziki.

Also try Abby’s Cucumber Vanilla Ice Cream from last summer’s ice cream contest. Also try these Cucumber Lemonade Spritzers.

What’s your favorite way to eat cucumbers?