Virtual CSA Box: Our Zucchini Overlords Have Arrived

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Where do they come from? How do they reproduce so fast and grow to such enormous sizes? We don’t know, but it seems prudent to have a few efficient methods of attack this time of year. The standard zucchini bread recipe only calls for one or two squash – what if you need to dispose of one or two bushels?

When dealing with an invasion of this magnitude it’s best to have several campaign strategies. Ours go like this: Grate – Freeze – Puree.

Grated zucchini can stay good in the freezer for quite some time, wrapped well in several layers, and it will be fresh and ready for winter stir-frys. You can freeze slices too; slice and freeze on a cookie sheet then dump the individual slices into baggies. You can also puree it. This is great baby food, and also a good base for soups and breads.

How do you deal with zucchini onslaught?

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