This Simple Prep Hack for Taking Your Drinks Up a Notch Has the Internet Obsessed — And We Totally Agree

published Sep 20, 2022
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Credit: Kelli Foster

For those who struggle to meet their hydration goals or if you’re just looking to level up your drink of choice, like for many topics, you can turn to TikTok because — surprise — there’s a hack for that. TikTok creator, otherwise known as Junie Kim, recently earned 14 million views in 24 hours for showing off her cool and creative ice-cube collection that features a seemingly simple trick that’ll give even the most mundane beverages a nice layer of sophistication.

In the video, Kim pulls open her freezer drawer, revealing a meticulously organized mosaic of nine different ice-cube varieties. Ranging from small, standard, and spherical, to cutesy and caffeinated, each of her ice cubes has a purpose. And lucky for us all, she shared that along with some of her suggested pairings.

For starters, there’s her morning lemon water cubes. Then there are the miniature marble-shaped cubes, ideal for sodas and energy drinks. The long, cylindrical ice cubes on the other hand, are perfect for slipping into a narrow-mouthed bottle of water. And while all of these options sound good, if cocktails are your thing, she recommends the fruit-infused options. Her cold-brew cubes, though, are reserved exclusively for coffee-based drinks.

While I love a good space-saving option to store my ice, I’m already eyeing different ice cube molds to spruce up my favorite chilled beverages. After all, what better addition to a glass of rose cider or an afternoon iced chai than some heart-shaped miniature ice?