The Morton Table Salt Lid’s “Secret” and 6 More 2023 Viral Food Moments We’re Still Thinking About

published Dec 29, 2023
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Someone holding a container of Morton Iodized table salt.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Social media is a source for a ton of noteworthy trends, brilliant hacks, and all-around fantastic ideas — particularly when it comes to the kitchen, where all the foodies gather and share the best of the best tips, tricks, and trends. This year, there was certainly no shortage of viral videos from ingenious cooking hacks to unique recipe ideas that made mealtime a little more exciting.

As this year comes to a close, we are recapping the most notable food trends of 2023. Below are some of the biggest food hits of the year, and it’s safe to say if 2024’s viral food moments are anything like these, we can’t wait.

Morton Table Salt’s Lid “Secret”

Earlier this year, TikToker @trip82city nearly broke the app with a jaw-dropping hack for Morton Table Salt, something we all have sitting in our cabinet. The secret feature is a built-in salt shaker that you can access by peeling off the paper on the spout. Instead of dumping out a waterfall of table salt, you can gently sprinkle the perfect amount while cooking. We’re leaving oversalting food in 2023. 

Girl Dinner

The “girl dinner” trend made waves on social media this year when those who identify as female shared spreads of what constitutes dinner for them like mac and cheese cocktails, a hefty plate of pickles, and even a one-serving rice krispy treat. While the trend was a bit controversial due to potentially glorifying disordered eating habits, the trend is really highlighting how women are exhausted, overworked, and struggling to find the time (and the will) to sit down for a real meal. If we learned anything from the trend, it’s that not everything has to be healthy, wellness-focused, and elaborate at all times. While it’s important to make healthy choices, sometimes all we can handle (and all we want) is a heaping spoonful of Kraft mac and cheese — and that’s okay.

Food Boards

Charcuterie boards have always been a popular platter to include for any type of hosting, but people really got creative this year with the types of boards they concocted. Boards don’t just imply meats and cheeses anymore. Try a hot dog board for next summer’s BBQ, a festive Halloween snack board for spooky season, a Buffalo-ranch butter board for game night, or if you’re feeling really creative, a Chinese bao board, perfect for any type of gathering.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a controversial food: the texture, the color, the flavor — it’s all questionable. However, cottage cheese made waves on TikTok on Instagram with people creating all sorts of tasty recipes. From creamy protein queso dip and cottage cheese eggs to cottage cheese toast and cottage cheese pasta, it turns out the food is actually quite versatile. Who knew?

Feta Fried Eggs

Anything that contains salty feta cheese always gets my stamp of approval. Luckily, a five-minute feta egg recipe went viral this year on TikTok and it’s almost too good to be true. Food influencer @graceelkus sprinkled feta around a heated frying pan and cracked an egg in the center. The cheese becomes crispy while the center of the egg remains runny (serving as its own sauce). Elkus recommends adding the concoction to your base of choice, like toast or a tortilla, for a quick and delicious meal.

Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese may just be one of the greatest food creations of our time. Seriously, what could be better? Well, a certain mac and cheese recipe by creator @tinekeyounger that had people rushing to their kitchens to get cooking. The TikToker uses various amounts and types of cheeses and seasonings, but one ingredient in particular seemed to surprise viewers: Dijon mustard. Don’t knock it until you try it.


If you spent any time on TikTok this year, you have likely heard of #WaterTok, a controversial trend with the intention of helping people drink more water. The purpose is great, as we can all probably hydrate more, but the controversy comes from these drinks actually being more like a soda or juice, highlighting the potential health risks of drinking these beverages every day. The trend shows people adding packets of powders and syrups to their water ration for the day to create flavors like Mountain Dew and Cherry Lime. All in all, a potentially better option would be to add fresh fruit to your water or just drink it straight. You can save your sugar intake for something a bit more exciting.