I Tried the Viral “Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs” and I’ll Never Skip This Surprising Secret Ingredient Again

published Dec 31, 2023
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Fluffy scrambled eggs in pan.
Credit: Nathan Hutsenpiller

There are many different ways to prepare a delicious serving of eggs, and everybody has their favorite. Whether you like them boiled, scrambled, poached, baked, fried, coddled, or as an omelet, quiche, frittata or soufflé, eggs always seem to hit the spot no matter what time of day. Personally, I love a good fried egg on top of my hash browns or sandwiched between an English muffin with a slice of cheese. And if the egg yolk goes everywhere, resulting in a tasty mess, then I know that my job is complete. 

Lately, however, I’ve been seeing a method going around online for making the fluffiest scrambled eggs possible, and I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the trick. The method, which has been popularized on TikTok by Wishbone Kitchen, involves whisking in a splash of water to the eggs before cooking, as well as covering the pan and steaming the eggs for the last few minutes of the cooking process. The result of Wishbone Kitchen’s video showed beautifully fluffy scrambled eggs that were not at all overcooked and still retained a desirable amount of moisture. 

How to Make the Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

Start by heating a skillet over medium to high heat. Crack eggs into a bowl and add a splash of water instead of cream or milk. Beat the eggs until smooth and no streaks remain, then coat the heated skillet with butter. Once the butter is bubbling and not yet browned, add in the whisked eggs. 

As the eggs begin to cook, wait until the edges of the egg mixture begin to set and then use a rubber spatula to start pushing the eggs from the outside of the pan towards the middle. Repeat this step by working around the pan, creating ribbons of eggs in the center of the pan. Make sure that you do not chop up the eggs during this process; only push them from the outer edges of the pan to the middle. 

Once the eggs are about 90% cooked and still slightly runny on top, turn off the heat and put a lid over the pan, allowing the eggs to steam for about 5 minutes. At this point, the eggs should be nice and fluffy and ready for plating with buttered toast and your preferred breakfast sides. 

Credit: Nathan Hutsenpiller

My Honest Opinion of the Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

I’ve got to admit that I was at first very skeptical of using water in an egg recipe after decades of being told to use milk to get fluffy eggs. Like everything else that is new to me, I approached this method with an open mind and, as per usual, I was left shocked and very much surprised by the results. Wishbone Kitchen’s method of pushing the eggs from the outer edge towards the middle created these perfect little egg ribbons and quickly became a fun game for me while I was cooking. 

As for the steaming part of the process, just like it was mentioned in the video, the residual heat from covering the pan while the burner was off definitely did the trick of finishing the job. The final product actually caught me by surprise, as I was worried that my eggs were still too wet at this point. However, once I removed the lid, I was met with beautifully fluffy eggs that had a perfect little glimmer to them and were not at all dried out. Needless to say, I was beyond satisfied with the results and have already recommended this method to a couple of my closest friends to try out. 

Tips for Making the Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

  • Trust the process. If this is your first time making scrambled eggs in this manner, keep an open mind and just follow the steps carefully. Just like most other ways to prepare an egg, the process is actually quite simple and you will without a doubt be pleased with the results.
  • Season with salt near the end. Although there are plenty of opinions circling around as to when is the best time to salt your eggs, for fluffy and soft eggs it is recommended to salt near the end of the cooking process. Salting the eggs in the beginning can result in a much more firm egg after it has been cooked.
  • Add cheese. If you plan on adding cheese to your eggs, wait until the steaming part of the process to add it in. Turn off the burner, top the eggs with cheese, and then cover the pan for 5 minutes while the eggs finish cooking and the cheese melts.