Please Tell Me You’ve Seen These Hilarious Vintage Wendy’s Training Videos

updated Sep 9, 2019
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Credit: TY Lim / Shutterstock

If you’re feeling a bad case of the Mondays, the internet is always good for something hilarious to cheer you up. And today’s round of wacky, delightful, and way more interesting than whatever work you’re supposed to be doing comes from the recirculating of old Wendy’s training videos.

Why would I want to watch old training videos for a job I don’t have? You might wonder. Well, because they are a strange mix of those airline safety videos that are trying too hard to be funny, and an ’80s PSA trying to show that it really understands the youths of today.

Each one covers a different aspect of training (cold drinks, hot drinks, grill skills) in a musical fashion, complete with dancing and some incredible special effects and graphics. “Hot drinks really get you going … ” discusses how long coffee can sit (30 minutes) and which pot is for decaf, while cold drinks “Drinks … cold … are you ready?” will teach you how much ice to put in, how to deal with soda foam, and where to put the lemon on iced tea.

Grill Skills takes a slightly different tactic, with an awkward intro by Dave, the founder of the company, before segueing into a seemingly pretty didactic skit about learning to grill … until it goes full meta, with the trainee watching a training tape that follows the usual pattern, and then (spoiler alert!) ends up inside the video.

Anyway, the point is, if you really needed to see some animated square patties wearing makeup and earrings and singing “We’ll start shrinking, when we hit the grill, you know we will!” then these are the videos for you.