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A Surprising Animal-Shaped Vintage Table Completes This Bright Kitchen’s Final Look

published Sep 4, 2023
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When Jonny Carmack and his partner Mitchell Pozo, who own a vintage furniture brand called Vintage Show Pony in Danbury, Connecticut, were designing the kitchen in their “Barbie Dream ranch home,” they wanted to infuse the space with as much color and character as possible. And their kitchen was no exception. 

Not only did the couple purchase new Big Chill appliances in Beach Blue, they also painted their cabinets and countertops in a mix of Valspar’s Apricot Jam (which has unfortunately been discontinued) and Pale Satin Peach. After sanding and staining the cabinets, then sanding and painting the laminate countertops, the entire kitchen renovation for the cabinets and the counters cost only $230.

Because the appliances, cabinets, and walls are so striking, it’s only natural that the complementary furniture had to fit that aesthetic, too. So, when a vintage dealer from New Jersey asked Carmack if the couple wanted to buy a unique table for a discounted rate, he jumped on it. 

How a Unique Console Table Tied the Kitchen Together

Since the kitchen was already colorful, Carmack knew immediately that the apricot-colored, swan-shaped console table would be the perfect addition to the kitchen, especially because, as Carmack says, swans represent gentleness and elegance, characteristics he likes to incorporate in his home. But the table’s beauty wasn’t the only draw.  

“I also have a fairly small space to work with and needed an extra tabletop to place things on when needed,” Carmack shares. “The swan is generally decorative and exists where it does in my kitchen because it is a conversation starter when my partner and I have guests over. It makes people happy. It makes me happy.”

As Carmack said, the swan table is functional and an art piece. It’s a place for him to drop his keys after work, where their

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“I have had many different variations of the swan table in the past that I have hand-painted for my customers who commissioned me to do so,” Carmack shares. “Some even have accessories — my white swan table with the faux fur even made an appearance in my feature on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show!’”

Seeing how flawlessly decorated Carmack’s current swan table is, it’s understandable that he’d be an expert at decorating and painting them. Here’s how Carmack zhuzhed up swan tables in the past: 

  1. Sand the piece down (most swan tables Carmack’s designed had an ‘80s-inspired lacquered finish). 
  2. Prime the tables — twice! — to make sure the paint goes on evenly. 
  3. Add three layers of paint onto the sanded and primed swans. Carmack prefers hi-gloss paint because, as he says, “everything’s better with a shine!”
  4. Always finish with two layers of polyurethane for protection and shine. 
  5. “If you want your swans really snazzy, you can find fun accessories at craft stores such as Michaels and JOANN for pretty cheap,” Carmack says. “Use a coupon!”

Even if you can’t find a swan-shaped table for your kitchen, Carmack’s is great inspo for seeking out furniture that’s not necessarily what first comes to mind when you think of kitchen tables.

“I love that it is something unexpected for the kitchen,” Carmack shares. “It is not every day you go into someone’s home and see a table carved into the shape of a swan. This unique design element is timeless and simply cannot be reproduced in a better way.”

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