Old-School Tools: Salt & Pepper Sticks from Manly Vintage

updated Dec 2, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is a bit of a warm weather tease, but we ran across this interesting set of salt and pepper shakers on sticks and couldn’t help sharing it. Has anyone seen something like this before? Can you guess what it’s for?

They’re designed for the barbecue! Did you guess right?

We came across this interesting seasoning set at the Vintage Bazaar in Chicago last weekend. We were a little puzzled at first, but the seller explained that they are used for grilling. Of course!

You can season your burgers and kabobs while they’re cooking without singing the hairs off your arms. Just don’t get them too close to the flames – those wooden shakers don’t exactly look flame retardant. They do kind of look like swords though, which is pretty awesome.

According to the seller, Manly Vintage, it’s a mid-century set by Mr. Cheftender with rosewood handles and shakers, and leather straps. From the looks of their Etsy store, it seems this particular set is still up for grabs.

Have you seen other salt and pepper sets like this?

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(Image: Joanna Miller)