Vino: Talking Turkey, Part 2

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanksgiving’s almost here and as promised last week, here are some more thoughts about good wines for your meal.

Indeed, Beaujolais Nouveau, the simple and fruity red wine made from Gamay grapes (that was released yesterday) is a good solution to the multitude of flavors that grace the Thanksgiving table. Beaujolais also follows the simple guideline of being a wine that doesn’t overpower the food.

For those wanting to go the all-American route, Zinfandel is the quintessential American grape. Though its roots can be traced back to Croatia (Crljenak Kaštelansk), only a handful of vines exist there, while here we are making it with a vengeance!

The only problem with Zinfandel is that it can be high in alcohol, flavor extraction and tannin. So again, it is important to keep these things in check when choosing the right bottle. Nalle makes a wonderfully well balanced medium bodied Zinfandel that is still very interesting but will not overwhelm the meal. Available at Astor for $28.99/btl.

Another great alternative is the Green and Red Zin. Like Nalle, this is a medium bodied wine with loads of character. Available at America’s Wine Shop for $29.99.

If you want to stick with an American wine, try the Bonny Doon Ca del Solo Sangiovese. Bonny Doon is a seriously eclectic winery located in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains that generally makes good, interesting wines at reasonable price points. What’s not to love with that? The Sangiovese is available at Astor for $15.99 a bottle.

Bonny Doon also makes a delicious dessert wine, the Muscat Vin de Glacier. This is an unctuous, sweet wine with hints of orangerind and honeysuckle that would be great with pumpkin pie. It’s also a great value at $13.99 per half bottle.