Vino: Labouré-Roi Pouilly-Fuissé

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: 2004 Laboure-Roi Pouilly Fuisse
Grape: 100% Chardonnay
Region: Macconais, France
Price: $14.99 to $15.99

All the talk this week about Chardonnay has me craving Pouilly-Fuissé. That’s right, another aloof, hard to pronouce French wine.

Fortunately, with this wine once you get the name down, it’s pretty simple. Pouilly-Fuissé (pronounced: poo-yee-fwee-say) is delicious Chardonnay from France’s Macconais region. Pouilly-Fuissé is famous for it’s limestone rich soil on a granite base, which creates mineral driven wines with high acidity.

The lands of Pouilly-Fuissé are warmer than their Macconais neighbors and are therefore the richest of the bunch. This richness will impress nut and butter tones on the nose, with fullness in the mouth. Don’t let this richness alarm you; this is not a flabby wine. On the contrary, Pouilly-Fuissé can be another perfect example of the beautiful synergy expressed between balanced fruit, oak and acid.

Labouré-Roi is one of the largest and best-known producers of Pouilly-Fuissé. Their holdings cover 2100 acres of land just outside the towns of Pouilly and Fuissé. The Labouré-Roi Pouilly-Fuissé is a great value for the money, especially considering that these wines can often break the bank. I tried a bottle last night and really enjoyed it, it was bright and charming but retained some heft and weight, which made it interesting. It also paired perfectly with the halibut and tzatziki salad I made for dinner.

Stores:Sherry-Lehman, $14.99 (679 Madison between 61st & 62nd Street), Astor Wines and Spirits $14.99 (399 Lafayette at 4th Street), $15.99 (online wine retailer)