Vino: 2005 Domaine Monte de Luz Tannat

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: 2005 Domaine Monte de Luz Tannat
Grape: Tannat
Region: Uruguay
Price: $6.99 to $12.99

Uruguay, one of South America’s most literate and peaceful countries, is also home to nearly three hundred small, relatively unknown wineries. Nestled between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay was discovered by the Spaniards over 250 years ago, to whom they owe their cultural, linguistic and winemaking heritage.

In an unexpected twist, Uruguay’s climate has proven successful with the obscure grape Tannat (pronounced “Tah-naht”). Tannat is from a small region in Southwest France named Madiran, which produces dark black, tannic and dense wines that are incredibly powerful (tannat stems directly from the word tannic).

The 2005 Domaine Monte de Luz Tannat is owned by Jean-Jacques Lesgourgues, a native of Madiran who has expressed his expert hand at this Uruguyan bottling. A value at $6.99 a bottle, the red fruit intense mineral flavors and powerful tannins of this wine make it the perfect match to grilled meats and heavier fare.

Stores: Astor Wines & Spirits $6.99 (399 Lafayette @ 4th St.), Bacchus $12.99 (2056 Broadway between 70th & 71st St.), Wine Messenger $9.95 (628 Waverly Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY)