Vino: 2004 Quinta Hinojal Viura

(Monday’s here… time to vote on the wine. We ended up with the back-up bottle, the 2002 Cune Monopole ($7.99) – also 100% Viura, and loved it. Maxwell says “long live the Spanish!”)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: 2004 Quinta Hinojal Viura
Grape: Macabeo
Region: Spain
Price: $9.99

This week’s pick, the Quinta Hinojal Viura 2004, comes from Astor’s delightful “Top Ten under Ten” page. I’ve chosen what sounds to be a delicious, fun white wine to celebrate the coming spring-like temperatures.

Viura, also know as Macabeo, is a Spanish grape that is generally used to make the delicious sparkling wine, Cava. Macabeo grown in the Castilla y Leon region should produce a dry, crisp, light and refreshing wine that is best consumed young. Astor describes it with “hints of lime” which sounds interesting and very spring-like. I imagine this wine to be the perfect pairing with seafood, especially something light and delicate like steamed mussels and clams.

Stores: Astor Wines (12 Astor Place) and Beacon Wines (2120 Broadway between 74th and 75th Streets)

*UPDATE: we just returned from Astor and they’re out of the Hinojal, but suggested as a replacement the 2002 Cune Monopole ($7.99) – also 100% Viura.