Watch What a Coffee Nap Can Do for You

(Image credit: Alexander Merkin)

Sleepy at work? Need a way to get over the late-afternoon slump? The key, my friends, is the tried-and-true coffee nap. Yes, it actually works — watch our super short video to see how!

Anna recently wrote about coffee naps for us, explaining that “The positive impact of 10- to 20-minute power naps on your brain has been well-documented. Add coffee? Even better.”

The idea is that you drink a bit of coffee, then lie down for some shut-eye — or just quiet relaxation. Your body relaxes and rests, and just when it’s time to get up, that caffeine kicks in, so you jump up refreshed and with a caffeine boost.

Read more about coffee naps: Yes, Coffee Naps Really Work. Here’s Why.

Watch the super cute video above and see how it worked for Emma — does this work for you too?

Video by Alexander Merkin for The Kitchn