How To Cook Chicken Breasts on the Stove: The Video

published Jun 23, 2015
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(Image credit: Rebecca Blumhagen)

Want some juicy, tasty chicken for a salad or a dish of pasta? Let me show you the easiest, most foolproof way to get yourself some chicken breasts that are actually juicy (not dry) and easy to make. The only catch? It takes some trust. Let me explain.

(Image credit: Rebecca Blumhagen)

I discovered this super simple stovetop method in my mother’s old edition of Joy of Cooking, and it has been my go-to method for years. It essentially poaches the chicken in its own juices.

It doesn’t given you browned or grilled flavor (for that, try the grill or a grill pan), but it does give you plain and basic yet super juicy chicken breasts to slice for lunches and salads.

Want to read a little more about this method? Check out our full tutorial here:

Ready for some chicken? Just trust us and try it!