Video: Demonstrating the Prepara Herb-SavorInternational Home and Housewares Show 2008

Prepara is a small company based right in New York City. They make sleek, modern-designed kitchen tools that try to answer old problems in new ways. We had seen one of their signature products, the Herb-Savor, around the blogosphere, but we were slightly skeptical of its claims to make that $5 bunch of herbs last for weeks. Then we met Evan from Prepara at the Housewares show and he gave us a demonstration. Take a look!

More info on the Herb-Savor is below.

The design of the Herb-Savor is very clever and well thought-out, and we found ourselves much more drawn to it after we saw it in person! Granted, we tend to recreate this gadget in our own refrigerator with a cup of water and a plastic bag, but it’s a bit of a hassle and gets tipped over easily. The Herb-Savor is very attractive; if someone gave it to us we’d probably use it a lot!

Watch for more new stuff from Prepara soon – we have some very cool stuff to show you.