I’m Sipping on This Espresso Martini from Taylor Swift’s Favorite NYC Restaurant All Summer Long

updated Jul 4, 2024
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Credit: Via Carota

After half a decade of living in New York City and shelling out nearly $20 for every cocktail, I’ve finally decided that enough is enough: It’s far past time that I zhuzhed up my at-home bar station. I’d rather sip on a drink or two before heading out for the night and save some money. I wouldn’t call myself a mixologist yet by any means — hopefully I’ll get there one day — so I’ve been using the premade stuff lately. I just added Bartesian’s ingenious automatic cocktail maker to my setup, for one, and another staple that I’m absolutely obsessed with comes in the form of a bottled cocktail from Taylor Swift-approved restaurant Via Carota.

Even more fitting is that it’s perfect for Sabrina Carpenter fans, too — the singer’s “Espresso” has already become one of the summer’s biggest bops, after all. The popular NYC-based restaurant’s premixed Espresso Martini deserves to be stocked on everyone’s bar cart this summer, even if you consider yourself an experienced at-home bartender. It’s fast, easy, and most importantly, absolutely delicious. 

What Is Via Carota’s Espresso Martini?

First off, what exactly is Via Carota? Since its opening in 2014, the West Village Italian spot has become a favorite of A-list celebrities, including Taylor Swift. The singer has dined there on multiple occasions, perhaps most notably with her pal and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner last fall. It’s no easy task to get a reservation at the buzzy eatery, so if you can’t snag a table or won’t be visiting NYC anytime soon, Via Carota’s bottled cocktails are a way to get a taste from the comfort of your own home.

Alongside the brand’s sparkling line (which we also loved), Negroni, and more is the espresso martini, which you can serve cold, shake, pour, and garnish with fresh coffee beans if you want to go the extra mile. Its flavor profile includes chocolate, toffee, and dark fruit, with hints of chicory and cherry. Via Carota incorporates real espresso with six-times distilled vodka, all wrapped in a stunning package.

Credit: Via Carota

Why I Love Via Carota’s Espresso Martini

Thanks to the textured glass and upscale packaging, I always felt so bougie when I pulled this bottle out of my fridge. In fact, after trying it out on my own, I took it to a get-together at my friend’s apartment, and it got plenty of oohs and aahs even before anyone had taken a sip. Once they did, however, their reactions were the same as mine: You’ll instantly want to go back for more. It’s fairly strong, but goes down smooth and isn’t too bitter. I got about five glasses out of the bottle — and I was so caught up in it every time that I forgot to snag a picture.

Senior Commerce Editor Ian had a similar experience with Via Carota’s espresso martini. After trying out the brand’s full set, this one was his favorite. “Whatever they’re doing with the ratios and dilution is working because I had to hold myself back from slurping down the entire bottle like an iced coffee,” he wrote.

Trust me, you won’t regret grabbing a bottle or two for your bar cart this summer. It’s so convenient when you’re entertaining or short on time, but you still want a high-quality beverage on hand. If you get four pours out of it, the $39 price ends up equaling under $10 per cocktail — which is a total score by NYC standards. I’m already planning on replenishing my stock before the season’s over, and I recommend you do, too!

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