Veruca Spins a Spider Web in Chocolate

I’m ever so obsessed with these spider webs, rendered in chocolate, from Veruca Chocolates. Here’s your adult Halloween candy, all grown up. The sheen of gold and silver laid over the bars is sexy as all get out. If you need a fancy hostess gift for a party this weekend, look no further.

(Image credit: Mouth)

Pretty gorgeous — and just spooky enough for the season without getting all morbid (chocolate skulls, no thanks).

Here’s a little more about Veruca Chocolates and its maker, via MOUTH, where I found these:

Once upon a time, Heather Johnston was a pediatrician at the University of Chicago. After a course on chocolate-making at the French Pastry School, her life abruptly changed course! Today she spends her days crafting elegant chocolate confections, like her artful pumpkin caramel turtles and stunning chocolate gelt for Hanukkah.