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The Under-$50 Find from Venus et Fleur That Will Wow Any Wine-Lover

published Oct 4, 2023
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Pouring rosé into a wine glass with cheese platter

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No matter which decor trends are popular at a given time, certain pieces will always maintain their desirability. This can certainly be said of Venus et Fleur’s iconic eternity flowers, though the brand recently debuted new pieces that’ll prove even more long-lasting. Their new Perennial home and tabletop collection is now available, and it’s just as stunning as you’d imagine. It’s actually inspired by the eternity florals, though that much is evident based on the pieces’ delicate designs, hand-sculpted blossoms, and soft colors. Of course, Venus et Fleur is famously luxe, with prices to match. A set of petal-shaped catchall trays or a decorative rosette bowl will easily cost you hundreds, but there is still one highly giftable piece among the new offerings that you can snag for just $48: the dazzling rose wine stopper. It’s bound to impress any loved one with a taste for the finer things, though you might just want to keep it for yourself.

What is the Rose Wine Stopper?

Like all of the items in the Perennial collection, the rose wine stopper is expertly handcrafted by artisans. Specifically, each tiny petal is molded by hand, and the resulting bundle of blossoms clearly shows that. Instead of a basic rubber or silicone stopper, you essentially get a bouquet to place atop your bottle that not only keeps the contents fresh, but also doubles as decor. The stopper is available in either red or white, like roses, but also, notably, like wine. Is that a sign to pick up both colors so you have a stopper for each variety? We’ll let you decide. Most importantly, however, this gadget will prevent your favorite bottles from oxidizing before you have a chance to finish them.

Credit: Venus et Fleur

Why You’ll Love the Rose Wine Stopper

There’s nothing more annoying than when you uncork a bottle, only to realize later that you have no way to seal it back up and preserve its contents. In this case, though, you can just screw the rose stopper in and come back to the bottle another night. And, if you’re someone who’s all about the small details, you’ll love this small but mighty gadget all the more. We have no doubt it’ll earn endless compliments every time you have friends over for drinks.

Of course, the rose stopper would also make an excellent gift for any occasion, especially romantic ones such as weddings, anniversaries, or even Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to get your special someone a thoughtful present without going for something as obvious as a fresh flower bouquet, the rose stopper is a wonderful alternative. And, for under $50, it’s sure to sell fast, so pick up a stopper (or two) before gifting season is in full swing.