Velveeta Just Released Their Version of a Dirty Martini and Yes, It’s Filled with Cheese

published Jul 21, 2022
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Velveeta Veltini Martini
Credit: Velveeta

Dirty martinis are my favorite cocktail. It’s what I order any time I’m at a fancy steakhouse, and my favorite way to celebrate on a special occasion. While martinis can come in many forms, there’s nothing quite like a dirty martini garnished with cheese-stuffed olives.

Of course, in the most common of circumstances, those briny olives are stuffed with blue cheese, but thanks to Velveeta, this concept is now turned upside down with their new Velveeta Veltini.

This cocktail is a cheesy spin on the classic dirty martini, and is comprised of Velveeta-infused vodka, olive brine, and vermouth. If that isn’t enough, the drink is garnished with a cheese drip and boasts a cocktail pick of both Velveeta-stuffed olives and Jumbo Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

While it’s absolutely a bit of a departure from what I’m used to, as a fan of cheesy goodness and martinis, what’s not to love? And, as it’s been long established, Velveeta is good at what it does, so I totally feel a win-win situation with this one. I mean truly, is there any cheesier option for melty goodness in our queso or mac and cheese? Of course not! So, why wouldn’t we incorporate it into the cheese-stuffed olives that fill our martini glasses? 

The Velveeta Veltini is available at select BLT locations nationwide, including  BLT Steak New York, BLT Steak Washington DC, BLT Steak Charlotte, BLT Prime New York, and The Florentine in Chicago for $15, and will be served during golden hour only (5 p.m. to 8 p.m.) for a limited time only.

Anyone who can’t make it to a BLT location but can’t help but be intrigued by this martini still has an option. Velveeta is offering a limited number of Veltini kits on Goldbelly. The kit includes two martini glasses, a gold cocktail shaker, two Velveeta coasters, a jar of olives, cocktail picks, a box of Velveeta Jumbo Shells & Cheese, Velveeta cheese sauce, a recipe card, and more. The kit is $50 and gives you a way to make sure your next cocktail party will be unlike any your friends have been to before. You never know, it might just be delicious.