17 Surprising Uses for Velcro (Yes, Velcro) in Your Kitchen

published Jul 1, 2023
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Hook-and-loop fastener aka Velcro in closeup
Credit: stocksnapper/Getty Images/iStockphoto

I used to tease my father-in-law for mounting his phone to his truck dashboard with Velcro instead of buying a phone mount — they’re not even that expensive, I laughed. But now I find myself having a surprising change of heart.  

To be clear, I’m all for smart storage solutions — but they’ve got to deliver in both function and bang for my buck. For example, Command strips and hooks are amazing, but when I’m organizing an entire kitchen, the seemingly affordable cost can add up quickly. I love my broom and mop grippers, but they cost nearly $20 for a three-pack. Enter: NASA favorite, Velcro. For less than $8, I ordered four feet of the industrial-strength variety — that holds up to 10 pounds — which is enough for all the kitchen projects I had planned, and then some. 

While it may seem like a surprising material for the kitchen, I set out to find all of the different ways it could come in handy in my drawers, cabinets, and even on my countertops — and actually put it to the test. Now, I’m proud to say this discovery has made me a total Velcro convert. Here’s a sampling of just some of the ingenious and helpful uses for Velcro.

1. Mount containers inside cabinets. 

This TikToker mounted a paper wrap and snack bag organizer inside her cabinet door — no drawer space required. This is infinitely riffable with whatever you have on hand; even a lightweight plastic cup could become reusable straw storage.

2. Hang frames. 

Velcro-secured frames are much easier to adjust when crooked, and they don’t tilt sideways when a door slams or a big truck drives by. Plus, no holes in the wall! 

3. Tame rug corners. 

This one changed my life. I have tried everything to make my jute rug corners lay flat, and they always manage to curl right back up. Velcro officially showed them who’s boss. This is also a great way to secure doormats and bathmats.  

Credit: Meg Asby

4. Wrap (and hide) small appliance cords. 

I kept planning to purchase cord organizers, but now I don’t need to — I simply wrapped the cords around each appliance, then attached a small circle of velcro to the spot the plug reached. Done, and you can’t even see it!

5. Secure drawer organizers. 

Unfortunately I’m not one of those people who meticulously measures their drawers before purchasing organizers. I’m the person who picks up organizers at yard sales or repurposes gift boxes, which means my containers tend to slide around in the drawer. But not anymore!

6. Prevent cushions from blowing away. 

If your balcony or patio is particularly breezy (or critters like your pets or local squirrels like to lounge there), fix those cushions to the seat with a few dots of Velcro. 

7. Mount tablets. 

I often read recipes off of our ancient iPad while making dinner. After years of teasing my father-in-law, I was hesitant to follow through with this, but mounting it inside a cabinet door just makes so much sense. 

8. Hide power strips. 

It’s easy to get your power strips off the counter with Velcro — simply mount them underneath, and you’ll basically never see them again. This also works great under a desk to tame cord clutter

9. Attach lights wherever you want them. 

Speaking of under the cabinet, Velcro is an easy way to install renter-friendly mood lighting in your kitchen. 

10. Install (temporary) blackout liners. 

If you need to block out the summer sun in your kitchen, but only sometimes, consider adding Velcro to a blackout liner. This way, adding an extra layer of protection takes seconds — no threading through curtain rods required. 

11. Hang lightweight plants around your home.

As long as your planter weighs less than 10 pounds when watered, you don’t need to install a shelf to have plants on the wall — just stick them up there with Velcro.

12. Store spices inside a cabinet door. 

Use grocery-store jars or decant into matching ones; either way, it’s a simple way to store spices on unused cabinet door space without breaking the bank. Here’s a great example from Pinterest.

13. Attach bug screens. 

Learn from van dwellers and attach a renter-friendly screen to your kitchen windows, like they do in this TikTok. Here are some other smart, chemical-free ways to keep pests out of your kitchen.

14. Stash or hide valuables at home. 

Whether you’re going on vacation or just running to the store, on the off chance a thief stops by, we bet they won’t check the underside of your kitchen table. 

15. Secure pet water and food bowls. 

Less mess, clanging, and splashing. Your fur baby will thank you.

16. Mount a carbon monoxide or smoke detector. 

By slapping a little bit of Velcro on the back, it  makes it easy to move them from room to room, or take them with you when you move. 

17. Attach a bottle opener to your cooler (or anywhere else, really). 

Velcro a bottle opener inside the lid of your cooler, and never bemoan forgetting this essential picnic item again. It’s also great for inside or under your kitchen cabinet, or hidden under your kitchen island or storage cart. 

And believe it or not, after all of my mini kitchen projects, I still have leftover Velcro. I have no doubt I’ll find a use for it. 

How do you use Velcro in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments.