Veggie-Heavy Brunch Recipes Without Eggs or Tomatoes?

(Image credit: Megan Gordon)

Q: I love brunch and frequently host a holiday/tree-decorating brunch party, but I found out this spring that I’m allergic to eggs, oats, tomatoes and barley. What in the world should I make? I’d like to do something with lots of veggies, but everything I find has eggs or tomato.

Sent by Erica

Editor: Erica, you could put together a build-your-own-breakfast-burrito bar centered around a tofu scramble like this Southwestern Tofu Scramble, which doesn’t have tomato. You could sauté some spinach or kale for extra veggies, and with a spread of tortillas, beans, cheese, sliced avocado and a green salsa — if you can still eat tomatillos — no one will even miss the eggs or tomato.

Readers, do you have any suggestions for veggie-heavy brunch recipes without eggs, tomatoes, oats or barley?